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Same Day 7 Yard Dumpster Rental Salt Lake City

Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpster

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  • Only pay for what you place in the dumpster

  • All Waste/Debris Is Billed @ $0.04/Lb

  • Only used to dispose of heavy debris such as concrete, dirt, rocks, and sod

  • We Offer More Rental Protection Options Than Any Other Dumpster Company In Utah

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Same Day 7 Yard Dumpster Rental Salt Lake City

The Same Day Dumpster 3 Step Process

  • 1. Rent A Dumpster

    We deliver a dumpster to you

    Begin your home cleanup or construction project with us. Simply select your desired dumpster size and schedule a convenient delivery date. Our dedicated team will deliver your dumpster right to your driveway, offering a hassle-free way to manage waste.

  • 2. Load The Dumpster

    You load all your debris & waste

    After receiving your dumpster, you're ready to start loading it. From household junk to construction debris, toss in all your unwanted items. Remember to load it evenly to maximize the use of space and ensure safety standards are met.

  • 3. We Haul It Away

    We pick it up & handle the rest!

    Once your dumpster is filled, just give us a call. Our professional team will arrive promptly to haul away the dumpster and the unwanted items. You won't need to worry about disposal or any cleanup; we handle everything, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space.

  • Allowed VS Not Allowed Dump Guide


    Allowed Items


    Our Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpsters are equipped to handle concrete waste. This includes waste from home renovations, construction sites, or any other projects that create concrete debris.

    Dirt, Sand, and Gravel

    Whether you’re carrying out landscaping work or site excavation, our Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpsters can accommodate the disposal of excess dirt, sand, and gravel. To ensure safe transportation, please do not overfill the dumpster beyond the top rail.

    Brick and Rock

    Debris from construction, renovation, or landscaping often comprises of bricks and rocks. Our Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpsters are designed to manage these materials effectively. Please ensure they’re broken into smaller, manageable pieces before disposal.


    If you’re replacing your lawn or have surplus sod from a gardening project, our Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpsters can handle it. Remember not to overfill the dumpster for safe and efficient disposal.

    Not Allowed Items


    Absolutely no batteries are allowed, including car batteries or lithium batteries of any kind.

    Food Waste

    Our service does not accept food waste, including but not limited to leftovers, spoiled food, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, and other kitchen scraps. Please dump all food waste into your regular city provided garbage cans.


    Please do not dispose of any weapons, firearms, ammunition, or related items in our dumpsters. These materials are potentially dangerous and require special disposal procedures that are beyond the scope of our standard services.

    Other Dumpster Materials

    For our specialized Concrete Dirt Sod Dumpster, please note that items typically allowed in our other dumpsters should NOT be placed in this dumpster. For any other waste, please rent a different dumpster type

    • Paint Cans up to 1 Gal$9 each
      Full or empty, lid or no lid
    • Paint Cans over 1 Gal$13 each
      Full or empty, lid or no lid
    • Chemicals up to 1 Gal$11 each
      Household or pesticide
    • Chemicals over 1 Gal$17 each
      Household or pesticide
    • Electronics & E-Waste$29 each
      TV's, printers, computers etc.
    • Microwave$31 each
      Any type or size
    • Box Springs$37 each
      Crib size to cali king
    • Mattresses$52 each
      Crib size to cali king
    • Couch/Chair Sofa Beds$52 each
      w/ any pull-out mechanism
    • Washers & Dryers$53 each
      Any type or size
    • Stoves & Ovens$55 each
      Any type or size
    • A/C Units & Swamp Coolers$57 each
      Any type or size
    • Treadmill$59 each
      Any type or size
    • Freezers/Refrigerators $74 each
      Mini to full size
    • Water Heater$81 each
      Any type or size